Small Farm. Big Difference.

Would you like to feel more connected with where your food comes from? Looking for a diverse community where can find friends, classes, and event? Short Stock Farm is your place. We are a ten acre farm in the Tualitain Valley specializing in pasture raised meat, sustainably grown produce, and intentional events and gatherings.

We recognize this land does not belong to us and was historically inhabited by the Kalapuya people. Short Stock Farm is honored to steward this beautiful and abundant place. We thank those who have come before and those yet to come.  

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Our Guiding Principles

Here at Short Stock our actions are purposeful and guided by a clear mission, vision, and values. These ideas ensure authentic growth. Read about them below.


We are a regenerative farm that connects people to the land, their food, and each other through agriculture and agrotourism.


We proudly envision a farm where…

  • All people are heard, welcomed, and celebrated.

  • The land management style brings vitality back to the land starting with the soil.

  • Agritourism reenergized the rural community through self-sufficiency classes and unique retreats.

  • The on-farm culture maintains the spirits of the farmers because it is creative, intelligent, just, receptive, honest, hard working, and allows mistakes. 


Equitable: Engage communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, LGBTQ folks, and underserved populations.

Collaborative: Creates an interwoven web of community partners, CSA members, and other farmers and land stewards.

Entrepreneurial: Generates enough income to pay the farm crew, invest back into the enterprise year to year, and invest in the local community

Productive:  Produces  humane, seasonal, delicious, and nutritious food. The fields are abundant throughout a long growing season and the panty is always stocked in the winter. 

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Meet the Farmer

Farmer Kris Out Standing in Her Field

Farmer Kris Out Standing in Her Field

"Farming brings together all aspects of my life I cherish: art, science, spirituality, community, learning, good food, and of course hard work"

Kris is a hard working human dedicated to ensuring Oregon's agricultural landscape remains farmland. She has been farming in Oregon since 2012. She started at the University of Oregon at their two-acre urban farm. 

"I never planted a thing until age 20, but after the first pea seed I was hooked".

Since then Kris has worked tirelessly to network with local farmers and agricultural advocates, study proven best practices on farms, and of course put her knowledge to work on farms. 

The rubber met the road late in 2017 when Kris posted on OregonFarmLink (an online platform that connects landholders with landseekers). Luck was on her side as a landholder in Hillsboro Oregon contacted her. Kris is now collaboratively turning her vision into a reality to benefit the community.