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Short Stock Farm offers fresh, flavorful and humanely raised chicken, rabbit, and turkey June through October. Our animals are raised on herbicide free pastures with plenty of space and fresh air-in fact they are outside all the time. Pecking and foraging create wholesome, nutritious, meat you’ll be proud to put on your table. We never use antibiotics or hormone. We source our feed from one of Oregon’s finest feed sources Mosaic Farms

Thanksgiving Turkey Pre-Order

Our turkeys are sold on-farm the week before Thanksgiving. Fill out the following form to reserve meat. We ask a $30 deposit which can be paid right on our site with PayPal, or a Debit/Credit Card.

Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit
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A before and after of our 2018 turkeys

A before and after of our 2018 turkeys

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We honor every dollar you spend with Short Stock Farm. When you purchase our meat and veggies know your money allows us to continue grow our vision.

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